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Next Stop

Concept & Idea

Producer / Director

Format: animated series (52 x 90")



Two aliens land on Earth in order to colonize it. Our little heroes, 6 inches tall, are looking for the right place to build their Headquarters. What would be more impressive than a historical place to start an invasion from? They will thus try to settle on sites and monuments around the world. But because of their bad luck and clumsiness, they will face lots of difficulties that will make them travel from place to place...


This program of 52 episodes of 90 seconds aims to entertain the audience through light and crazy humor while they also discover different historical, cultural and/or natural sites. Next Stop is a fresh and original project for the family. The gags and fun storylines will speak to children, while double meanings will hopefully entice older audiences.


Various information

Production Status: In development


In addition to television, the series could be presented on three other distribution channels to help promote the program:


- Most visited sites: We could present the episodes dedicated to those places in situ.

- Ipad, Tablets: the episodes could be available on this platform after their TV broadcast

- Airlines: Partnerships with airlines companies could have Next Stop be part of the inflight entertainment.


Additional partners could participate such as the Ministry of Tourism, Cities, movie theater chains...



Parallel to the series will be an application: the Next Stop transmedia application for mobile devices (tablets and smartphones) aims to extend the series experience in an educational and cultural way.


Still emerged in our heroes' cosmic and crazy universe, the players will be able to  increase their knowledge and test it through quizzes and games, rate the monuments they saw on an interactive map, and even suggest their own anecdotes about famous sites!

For children aged 6 to 12 and parents who want to share a funny and enriching experience with them.





Concept and idea by Laurent Witz

Produced by ZEILT productions and WATT frame

Character Designs: Jérôme Gillet, Ghayth Chegaar


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