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Mr. Hublot

Producer, director, writer


Format : short (11'48")

Year: 2013



Mr Hublot lives in a world where characters made partially of mechanical parts, driving huge vehicles, rub shoulders with each other. A world where the giant scale of machines and the relentless use of salvaged materials reign supreme. A withdrawn, idiosyncratic character with OCD, Mr Hublot is scared of change and the outside world. His solution: he doesn't step foot outside his apartment! The arrival of the dog Robot Pet will turn his life upside down: he has to share his home with this very invasive companion...

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Academy Award Winner: Animated short film (2013)


Dimension 3, France, 2013 - Grand Prix

Kerry Film Festival, Ireland, 2013 - Best Animation

Sunscreen film festival West, USA, 2013 - Best Animated Short

3D Image Festival, Poland, 2013 - Best Animation

Animago, Germany, 2013 - Best Short Film

Glovebox Short Film & Animation Festival, USA, 2013 - Best in Show

Courant 3D, France, 2013 - Grand Prix

3D Stereomedia, Belgium, 2013

I3DF - 3D animation short films

I3DS - Best stereography–animated

Anchorage International Film Festival, USA, 2013 - Best Animation

Irvine International Film Festival, USA, 2014 - Best Short Animation

Flickerfest Film Festival, Australia, 2014 - Highly Commended Animation

Spokane International Film Festival, Australia, 2014 - Best Animation

I3DS, USA, 2014 - International Short – Animation

Film Praïs, Luxembourg, 2014  - Meilleur Court-métrage d'Animation

Crossroads Film Festival, USA, 2014 - Best Animated Film

Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film, Germany, 2014 - Jury Award

IFS 2014, USA, 2014 - Best Animated Film

Soho International Film Festival, USA, 2014 - Best Animated Film

AsterFest International Film Festival, Macedonia, 2014 - Best Animated Film

Fancine, Festival de cine Fantastico, Spain 2014 - Best Animated short


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Producer :                                         LAURENT WITZ

Characters and Vehicles :               STEPHANE HALLEUX

Written and Directed by :               LAURENT WITZ

Co directed by :                                ALEXANDRE ESPIGARES

Art Director                 :                     PASCAL THIEBAUX

Design / Color script  :                    SAM YIN OUEN

                                                           PASCAL THIEBAUX

                                                           ERIC TOUBAL

Paintings  :                                        FIFAX

Storyboard :                                     PASCAL THIEBAUX

Layout Supervisor :                         JEAN-CHRISTOPHE CRAPS

Layout artist    :                                FREDERIC EVESQUE

Modeling-Texturing  :                     DAVID CARRIERE

                                                           GHAYTH CHEGAAR

                                                           JEAN-CHRISTOPHE CRAPS

                                                           DIMITRI LUCY

                                                           BENIGNO PEREZ

                                                           EMILIE MUSZCZAK

                                                           GIL PINHEIRO 

Modeling-Texturing (interns) :      ANNA MASQUELIER

                                                           LISA FENOLL

                                                           VINCENT TOUACHE

                                                           DAMIEN PIERLOT

                                                           OLIVIER ANTIGNAC

                                                           QUENTIN BUCHKREMER

                                                           CYRIL BOSSMANN

                                                           HADRIEN BRISSAUD

                                                           VIVIEN RISSER

Animation Supervisor :                  MICKAEL COEDEL

Lead Animator :                              DAVID CARRIERE       

Animators :                                      MICKAEL COEDEL

                                                           JAMAAL BRADLEY

                                                           JEAN-CHRISTOPHE CRAPS

                                                           THIERRY DEZARMENIEN

                                                           ADRIEN XHIBITTE

                                                           JACOPO ARMANI

Secondary Animators  :                 GHAYTH CHEGAAR

                                                           GERALD DEDEL

                                                           JEAN-LUC DELHOUGNE

                                                           SAMUEL ISTACE

                                                           BENJAMIN LAUWICK

                                                           MARIE MOET

                                                           ABDELALI REDDANE

Cloth Simulation  :                           KYLE WINKELMAN

R & D - Rigging :                               DAVID CARRIERE

Time Lapse Photography  :            MATHIEU FERRERA

Lighting-Rendering-Compositing : JEREMIE BOUVIER

                                                           JEROME BRACK

                                                           DAVID CARRIERE

                                                           GHAYTH CHEGAAR

                                                           REMY DALMAS

                                                           WALT TERUNZI

Calculations and Render Farm :   FOX RENDER FARM

Postproduction 3D – color grading :  LEVELS 3D

Stereography :                                  YANNICK FOLLIARD

Original Songs:                                 LI-LO*

Original Score :                                 FRANCOIS ROUSSELOT

Sound Mixing :                                  MARC GUEROULT


Equinox Production Luxembourg

Sound Mixing :                                  RALPH POPOV

Mastering :                                         RALPH POPOV and NICK ROLLINGER


Lady  Ice

Sound Mixing and Sound Design : MATTHIEU MICHAUX  

Assistant :                                           JACQUES ANDRIES


With the support of Film Fund Luxembourg  - Selective Finance Subsidy

With the support of the Centre National du cinéma et de l'image animée  - Support for the Use of New Production Technologies

With the support of the Lorraine region in partnership with the CNC



An Arte France coproduction

Cinema Department

Head of short films :                         HELENE VAYSSIERES


WATT frame

A WATT frame coproduction 


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