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Born in France in 1975, Laurent Witz has always been passionate about artistic creativity.


He attended the Metz Fine Arts Institute in France where he obtained his diploma with honors. He was very interested in painting, and exhibited his work for several years in galleries and cultural centers.

He self-trained in animation and 3D creation in parallel to his Fine Art studies. He made four animated short films between 1997 and 1998. His career then began to take off and he worked in various studios based in France and Luxembourg on short films, series and feature length films first as an Animator, then as Art Director, Assistant Director, Supervisor or Director.


In 2007 and 2010, he successively founded his own production companies with a view to developing his mindset on animation and audiovisual production. With ZEILT productions and WATT frame, he hoped to work on projects which were ambitious from an artistic and technical point of view, a dream that came true in 2014 with his film “Mr Hublot”, winner of the Oscar 2013 for Best Animated Short Film. Laurent directed, wrote and produced the film.


Also in 2014, he directed the short movie “Long Live New York” for the New York Organ Donor Network and the agency Young & Rubicam. This short, which aired online, in movie theaters and on TV, was awarded Best Animation by the One Screen Film Festival, Shoot Online has chosen it as the best promotional short of 2014 (animation and vfx category) and it has won a Webby Award.


It is still in 2014 that Laurent Witz was given the Luxembourgish Medal of Merit by the Grand Duke of Luxembourg, Duke of Nassau on Luxembourg National Day.


Laurent Witz is now developing new projects of feature films and television series.

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