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Format: short (2'30")

Year: 2017


"The divide between the powerful and the powerless has never been greater. And in these challenging times, we need to realise that if we want to change the world, we need to change the way it works.

At AIME, we do just that, using mentoring to make the education system fairer and more inclusive for all. Because educated kids can pull themselves from poverty, and start to break the cycle of inequality.

Already we’ve empowered tens of thousands of kids to change the course of their lives. But it’s not enough and we’re not stopping there.

Today we officially announce our global launch." A.I.M.E



Client: A.I.M.E
Agency: MC & Saatchi Sydney


Production, Postproduction: ZEILT productions

Director, Director of Photography: Laurent Witz

Production assistant: Joane Degive

Character design: Jérôme Gillet, Ghayth Chegaar

BG Design: Ghayth Chegaar, Pascal Thiébaux

Storyboard: Pascal Thiébaux, Jérôme Gillet

Animation supervisor: Mickael Coedel
Lead Animation: Ghayth Chegaar

Animation: Sarah Sutter, Jean Loup Comby, Louis Renard

Rendering: Cyril Bossmann

Compositing: Aurélien Pira, Laurent Witz

Grading: ZEILT productions

Final mix: Dame Blanche

Composer: Olivier Defradat

Singer : Marion Pejon

Musicians: Macedonian Radio Symphonic Orchestra

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