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Long Live New York

Director, Executive producer

Format: short (1'30")

Year: 2014


Unveiled on October 1st, the short Long Live New York is part of a marketing campaign created to increase the number of registered organ donors in the greater New York metropolitan area and surrounding counties. The centerpiece of the campaign is a 90-second animated short film created by Oscar-winning director Laurent Witz. The film is  inspired by the steampunk aesthetic of the Academy Award-winning animated short Mr. Hublot and depicts a melancholic, seemingly post-apocalyptic New York City crumbling to pieces. New Yorkers then begin carrying pieces of the broken city (street signs, manhole covers, Grand Central clock), to form a beating heart restoring life into the city.


Webby Awards (2015) - Webby Winner / People's Voice: Online Film & Video Animation (Branded)

One Screen Festival (2015) - Best Animation

Various information


In 2014, New York was ranked 49th out of the 50 states in a really important area--life-saving organ donation. Every 15 hours, another New Yorker was dying while waiting for a donated organ. When asked, 83% of New Yorkers said that they supported organ donation--yet only 23% were actually registered to be donors.



Client: New York Organ Donor Network
Agency: Y&R, New York
Chief Creative Officer: Jim Elliott
Executive Creative Director: Glen Jacobs
Creative Directors: Josh Schildkraut, Miranda Dean
Executive Director of Content Production: Letitia Jacobs
Producers: Emma Starzacher, Sarah Haroldson
Account Management: Laurie Newsome, Tre Jordan
Business Manager: Adele Solomon


Production, Postproduction: ZEILT productions

Director, Executive Producer, Director of Photography: Laurent Witz

Editor: Ghayth Chegaar

Production assistant: Joane Degive

Character design: Jérôme Gillet, Ghayth Chegaar

Level design and Matte Painting: Pascal Thiébaux, Sam Oeun Yin

Storyboard: Pascal Thiébaux

Modeling: Thibault Barbaroux, Quentin Nigues, Ghayth Chegaar, Félix Ferrand, Emilie Muszczak

Texturing: Jérôme Gillet, Emilie Muszczak, Félix Ferrand

Layout: Ghayth Chegaar

Animation supervisor: Mickael Coedel

Animation: Adrien Xhibitte, Thierry Dezarmenien, Kevin Buchillo, Jordane Koessler, Ghayth Chegaar

Rendering: Cyril Bossmann, Ghayth Chegaar

Compositing: Pierre-Alexandre Gomez, Maël Renaud, Laurent Witz

Grading: ZEILT productions

Sound design: Matthieu Michaux

Final mix: Dame Blanche

Composer: François Rousselot

Ass. composer: Damien Deshayes

Musicians: Macedonian Radio Symphonic Orchestra

Music Mix: Marc Guéroult

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